Tree Moving & Air Spading

Tree moving

Specimen trees that are suffering from overcrowding need not be felled. For some of our clients, tree removal may be the preferred option, particularly if the tree is healthy and of specific interest.

At Plantscape Tree Services, we have specialist tree moving equipment that is capable of transplanting small saplings and trees up to 10cm in diameter.

Ground protection mats ensure minimal ground disturbance.

Air spading

An aerated soil, with good soil structure, fed by composting organic matter and Biochar (a strain of Mycorrhizal bacteria) will help to improve the soil’s biology and will encourage (with water and sunlight) stronger, healthier root growth.

At Plantscape Tree Services, we use air spades to relieve surface and near surface soil compaction to aerate the soil. The process is non-invasive and doesn’t harm the tree.

This is particularly useful to improve the rooting environment; or to carry out root or root collar inspections.

Tree moving
Air spading in operation