Facade Planting

Create the perfect setting for your business with Plantscape's Exterior Plant Displays

Entrance Planters

Entrance planters welcome visitors and create a good first impression. Classical bay trees, ephemeral cloud trees or willowy bamboo standing like doormen either side of your entrance greet your clients with colour, fragrance and movement.

Careful alignment, repetition and structured planting create a contemporary approach.

Window Boxes

From classical terracotta style boxes to galvanised metal or sleek stainless steel, window boxes conceal unsightly window frames and add an aesthetic value to the building frontage.

Window boxes are often custom-made for the location & highly individual. The simplicity of classical box pyramids and balls can create a stunning effect. A riot of colour & form can be created with abundant trailing summer plants.

Hanging Baskets

Colourful hanging baskets will brighten up the facade of your premises.

Seasonal changes will continually revitalise the planting:

  • bright yellow daffodils in the springtime
  • soft trailing summer flowering
  • autumn orange berried solanums
  • winter flowering cyclamen
  • traditional Christmas poinsettias

We recommend regular maintenance to keep your facade planting looking stunning all year round, ensuring the planting continues to be a credit to your company.

Façade planting holiday home
Façade planting showroom entrance