Artificial Plant Displays

A realistic alternative to live plants

Artificial Interior Plant Displays

There are some conditions within a building that will only support artificial plants. Fortunately, the advances in construction make the impostors virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Interior Landscaping

Artificial plant displays offer a lifelike, lower maintenance alternative to live plants. They provide a realistic solution for areas where an alternative to live plants is dictated by:

  • low light levels
  • temperature fluctuations
  • access & weight restrictions
  • economy

The majority of our artificial plants have inherently flame-retarded foliage which meet all the relevant UK & European standards.

With regular maintenance we can ensure these quality products continue to meet safety standards and remain in excellent condition throughout their lifespans.

Servicing includes the cleaning of plants and containers, the re-arrangement & replacement of foliage to refresh and enliven the composition, and the spraying of the tree canopy with leaf shine.

Plants that are not inherently flame retarded can be regularly treated with a flame retardancy solution to ensure that they continue to comply with fire regulations.

Artificial plant display under stairs
Artificial large planters

Plantscape can Provide

  • A wide range of individual, floor standing specimens
  • High quality plants with integral construction
  • Underplanting – single colour & variegated leaf
  • Focal point flowering
  • Silk/polyester for interiors
  • Robust plastic for exteriors
  • Box hedging for window boxes
  • Troughs to provide natural screens/partitions
  • Hanging baskets & wall mounted displays