Leaf Clearance & Gully Sweeping

Maintaining appearance and quality

Gully Sweeping

Silt build up along curb edges and gullies makes areas look unkempt and can lead to drain blockages and additional weed growth. We can clear these manually or mechanically depending on the scale of your site and preferences. This can be carried out as one-off clearance works or as part of ongoing grounds maintenance contracts.

Leaf clearance

Each autumn, deciduous trees, hedges and shrubs shed their leaves. Without sufficient management, fallen leaves can cause a variety of problems. Decaying leaves can cause slip hazards on paths and patios. Dry leaves blow around congregating in corners and along fences, making areas look untidy. They also conceal potholes, curb edging and other hazards, which may lead to accidents. Fallen leaves can also kill grass and smother newly planted beds if left uncollected for too long.

We provide leaf collection and clearance to help keep premises looking their best and improve safety for users. Leaves can be cleared by hand or with the aid of machinery. Our teams often clear litter and silt at the same time leaving premises looking clean and presentable. Leaves are generally removed from site for composting and the leaf mould is then blended with compost and reused for planting. We can provide one-off clearance works or regular clearance contracts as part of our broader grounds maintenance offering.

Blowing leaves