Firewood & Woodchip

We deliver seasoned firewood logs and woodchip throughout Norfolk and Suffolk

Firewood & Woodchip

All firewood and woodchip is sourced locally from managed woodlands and tree surgery operations.

Firewood consists of approximately 90% hardwood and 10% softwood. Log sizes are approximately 25cm long and 15cm wide. We offer both air dried firewood and kiln dried firewood with a moisture content below 20%. Kiln dried firewood often has a moisture content of 15% or less and gives a hotter and cleaner burn.

Woodchip consists of mixed hardwood species and is seasoned for use on beds and paths.


Barrow bags can be manoeuvred through narrow openings, gates and alleyways using a sack barrow. We’re often able to place these straight into your woodstore.

Loose loads are tipped out on delivery for the customer to move. Please contact us if you require larger quantities of firewood or woodchip.

We offer free delivery within 10 miles of NR14 8HT on orders over £80.00. Deliveries beyond 10 miles or under £80.00 are charged at £1.80 per mile. All prices include VAT.

We offer delivery in the following standard configurations for air dried firewood, kiln dried firewood and seasoned woodchip:

Loose loads of 1.25m3, 2.5m3, 5.0m3

Barrow bag of 0.25m3 (4 Barrow bags = 1.0m3)

Net bags of kiln dried firewood and kiln dried kindling

For current prices please visit our online store or give us a call on 01603 765765.
Delivered loose load of firewood
Our firewood kiln
Barrow bag of firewood