Tree Felling

Whatever the reason, felling is carried out skillfully and safely

Tree Felling

Trees are felled or dismantled for a variety of reasons. This is usually for safety concerns, predominantly where there is a perceived risk from falling branches or the main trunk, but it can also be because a tree has outgrown its space, as part of planned development or it is simply in the wrong place.

Removal Of Trees

For healthy trees, felling need not be the immediate answer, pruning or relocating the tree are often better alternatives.

If a tree needs to be felled, then it is critical that it is done properly, safely and skillfully by qualified professionals using proper working techniques and appropriate, specialist machinery.

Before a tree is removed, our operatives evaluate the tree and the surrounding areas to identify potential hazards, as well as considering health and safety requirements. Where appropriate, traffic management, power shutdowns or planning consents are obtained before the work is carried out.

With our extensive pool of resources, Plantscape Tree Services is well equipped to remove trees safely, regardless of scale, condition and complexity. Be it a small terraced garden, riverbank or roadside tree work, no job is too complex or challenging for us.

Although disruption is inevitable, we work with our clients to accommodate their needs and manage their expectations. Unless otherwise specified, all branches and timber is removed from site and recycled.

Once a tree has been felled, it is usually necessary to grind out the stump.

Tree felling at height
Large tree removal