Fresh Flowers

Flower arrangements by Plantscape

Fresh Flowers

Our floral designs celebrate seasonality and inspire with visually stimulating compositions.

Buying from local providers and through agents in Holland, we monitor our suppliers’ growing practices ensuring they are environmentally friendly and in line with our core values.

Fresh floral displays can be delivered regularly to your premises to compliment your interior plant displays. Strategically positioned in your entrance foyer, reception area or meeting rooms, fresh flowers welcome both clients & staff alike, and create an inviting and lasting first impression.

Dried Floral Arrangements

Preserved and dried flowers offer an economic alternative to fresh flowers. Changed each quarter by our in house florists they will add a seasonal touch to enhance every interior.

Flowering Plants

Breathing new life, colour and fragrance, flowering tabletop plants improve the look, feel and perception of the interior space.

Flowering table top plant displays offer a cost effective alternative to fresh cut flowers. They create a fresh flower impression but last much longer, continuing to flower for up to 6 weeks.

Bouquets and centerpieces

Flowers have the power to transform the look and feel of a wedding day. From rustic bouquets to elegant centerpieces, hanging installations and flower walls, there are endless opportunities to transform your venue with a combination of complimentary live flowers and plant displays.

Fresh flowers at exhibition
Fresh flowers indoor setting